Standard Email Systems are not designed to manage Emails in a Project Environment, Solution Suppliers add-in to Microsoft Outlook overcomes this issue.  Solution manages Emails so that they are easily filed and found by all members of staff.

Standard software packages such as Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Revit, Archicad etc do a fantastic job of creating documents, but they don't manage the document, all this needs to be done manually. 

With Solution the whole concept of email/document management, organisation and quality assurance is simplified and centralised, giving access to corporate data quickly and efficiently. 

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Neil and the team are always very friendly and helpful to deal with.

Would happily recommend.

Laura McCrossan

Following the need to update our email and data management
software to meet the changing needs of our business and evaluating
the existing offerings on the market, we decided to invest in Solution
as a relative new-comer.

We found that the personnel and the system for email management has been an easy integration and the opportunity to add wish list requests for future updates has meant that what could have been a difficult transition actually occurred over-night
Our next step is to move from our existing document management software to the new document management solution.

Successful data management is key to our practice with the need for
a fully accessible system available to all.

Vernon Hunt

Everyone knows Managing Emails and Documentation effectively has become a major necessity in the workplace.  

We provide you with a complete, integrated system addressing most of your day to day management tasks including email and document management, job costing and fees.